Licensed Registered Dietitian     +    Certified Health Coach    +    Certified Exercise Physiologist    +    Certified Personal Trainer

Personalized Nutrition  +  Health Coaching

I see personal training clients at Cheetah Gym, in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.(You are not required to have a membership to train with me.)  I work with a variety of people, and specialize in fitness for performers, prehab/rehab, and those new to fitness.

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No two people have the same nutritional needs.  Depending on your goals, health issues, genomics, food allergies and/or intolerances, and your motivation, we will work together to design a meal plan/diet/way of eating that is realistic and sustainable for your lifestyle. I work with a variety of modalities, from vegan to paleo to OA food plans. Although I am firmly science-based, I utilize a functional/integrative approach to wellness, and view the person holistically, not just a diagnosis of an illness or condition. As a dietitian, I do not treat disease, but help you to support your body with healthy nutrient dense food choices (and sometimes appropriate supplementation) so that your body is at an optimal place for health and healing.

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